Nuestros Partners


Bismart’s partnership with Microsoft dates back to Bismart’s foundation in 2009. Microsoft has recognized us as a reference in the development of business intelligence, data analysis, data management and data governance strategies and solutions. This partnership provides us with the best tools for data analysis, data integration and BI. Also, thanks to this mutual empowerment, we are able to count on the best technical resources to enrich and optimize the solutions and experiences we deliver to our clients. 

Thanks to our partnership with Zebra BI we have been able to include Zebra’s powerful visuals in our reports, enabling us to create more advanced visualisations, charts and reports. Working with Zebra BI, we have been able to optimise the design of our solutions by making use of the most advanced techniques on the market. Zebra BI visuals complement Power BI and Excel’s capabilities to produce in-depth and visually appealing reports.


7Experts is a consulting firm specialised in the development of improvement projects that offers operational efficiency solutions to its clients. Through this partnership, Bismart puts its technological capabilities at the disposal of 7Experts, while the company enables us to offer our clients legal and fiscal solutions, as well as to increase our productivity, scalability and profitability through the development of vertical solutions. 

Ozein is a company specialised in cloud solutions. Our partnership with Ozein allows us to take full advantage of cloud technology and enables us to offer the best cloud deployment capabilities to our customers, complemented by optimal guarantees in terms of security, scalability and accessibility. 


Consein is a company specialised in platform integration, both Back Office and Front Office, and available both in the cloud and on-premise. Their business-oriented solutions provide security, scalability and increase our data governance possibilities, especially in Azure. Our relationship with Consein has allowed us to expand to the Central American market and continuously gain value from a relationship of support and reciprocity.

Pyramid Analytics is a company specialized in business intelligence softwares that offers the best technical BI functionalities, both in terms of visualization and analytical capabilities. Our partnership with Pyramid Analytics allows us to have the best data visualization resources and to meet our clients’ analytical needs. 


Databricks is a pioneering data solutions company. Its cloud platform integrates advanced features of data warehouses and data lakes, offering an open environment for large-scale data analysis. Backed by over 9,000 organizations worldwide, Databricks facilitates data engineering and business analysis, promoting data accessibility and simplified management.