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The manufacturing industry is closely linked to the national and international economy. Companies in the sector are going through a difficult period and are facing several problems exacerbated by the global pandemic. Increased competition, shrinking margins, the growing risk of non-payment and insolvency and the continuing decline in productivity place us in high-risk scenario, particularly tough for SMEs.

In this context, predictive analytics models, risk reduction, process automation and the exploitation of new sources of productivity are essential to ensure the competitiveness of the sector. At Bismart, we specialise in the creation of technological solutions aimed at optimizing productivity and efficiency. Moreover, the flexibility and scalability of our solutions allow us to adapt them to the needs and particularities of each company and project.


Key Factors 



These financial challenges can lead to a higher likelihood of non-payment and insolvencies, putting businesses at risk. Additionally, delays in payments from public purchasers can further strain SMEs' financial stability. With a fall in investment and reduced margins, businesses may struggle to stay afloat in a competitive market environment.



In today's market, businesses face challenges such as increased competition, above-average business failure rates, price fluctuations, and a shortage of skilled labor. These factors create a dynamic and unpredictable environment where companies must adapt quickly and strategically to stay ahead. Despite these obstacles, opportunities for growth and success are abundant for those who are able to navigate and overcome these hurdles with innovation and resilience.



Decline in business operations, resulting in a decrease in productivity levels. In addition, poor communication and collaboration among teams further exacerbate the challenges faced during this period of economic downturn.



Need for tailored platforms to foster internal communication and collaboration flow
Poor digital presence
Low presence of data.




What do we offer?



Gain a competitive edge in the market by harnessing the power of predictive analytics to understand market trends and anticipate future developments. Our expert analysis will provide you with valuable insights to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve. Trust in our market knowledge and forecasting abilities to drive your business towards success.



Encouraging collaboration and communication between teams through adapted platforms
Intelligent risk identification models and predictive analytics
Advanced business productivity analysis models
Process automation technologies
Streamlining of methodologies and reorientation of work routines
Assessment of the operational adequacy of internal and external processes
Performance management through risk-based, customer-focused planning and control models


Improvement of the internal and external user experience
Advanced data analysis and reporting
Digitisation of processes and methodologies and standardisation of all elements involved through adapted interoperability technologies and resources
Backward integration from analytical applications to legacy environments (CRM, employee portal, mediator portal, etc.)

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