Customer Journey

Find out how to analyse your customers’ experience in relation to your brand, considering all channels and touch points. This eBook provides the keys to identify improvement opportunities and stimulate differentiation! 

bismart abc clientes

ABC Client Analysis

Align your commercial efforts with your customers’ profitability, optimise your sales strategies and reduce the probability of risk with this practical eBook on ABC segmentation. 


PowerBI Visual Vocabulary

Find out which Power BI visuals you should use based on the data and insights you have and enhance the presentation of your dashboards with this complete visual vocabulary guide for Power BI. 

Bismart Microsoft Artifivial Intelligence e-book

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence e-book

The Future Computed outlines the current state of artificial intelligence, as well as the role it has played in the past and the role it will play in future societies.  


Hotel Revenue Management Guide

Download our guide to learn about the main Revenue Management softwares and what you should take into account when introducing a tool of this nature in the company. 



Create advanced visuals and customized charts without writing code with CharticulatorHere’s how! 

21 Mejores prácticas de reporting para Power BI

21 Best Practices in Power BI

Create more productive and powerful reports and reduce their loading time by following the 21 best practices for reporting in Power BI.

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