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Retail companies operate in a highly competitive market characterised by fluctuating prices, increasing supply, globalisation and diversification. In this environment, differentiation, customer experience, sales and marketing strategies make the difference.

Bismart leverages technology and data to create solutions aimed at comprehensive customer insight, optimising customer experiences and improving touch points and communication channels. From data analysis we obtain valuable insights that allow retail companies to focus their commercial efforts on strategic customers, discover what products and services customers need and prefer, make future predictions ahead of market trends and implement strategies to increase sales and profitability.

Key Factors 



Diversification of communication and purchasing channels (omnichannel customer)
Increased competition and new purchasing trends
Demand fluctuation and sales decrease
New trends in finance: graphene-enhanced credit analysis or financial scoring
Transformation of production towards demand-driven planning models
Role and positioning of physical vs online retail



Urgent digitalisation of communication channels and touch points
Growing reliance on data analytics, BI and data integration technologies
Progressive increase of presence in the digital ecosystem
Investment in performance management and enhancement technologies
Need to optimise the online customer experience
Major risks in case of supply chain failures



Transformation towards customer-centric business strategies
Rising relevance of the shopping experience
Increasing relevance of customer knowledge
Need for investment in predictive models of consumer behaviour, consumption habits and market trends
Increasing relevance of recommendation systems and personalisation of advertising and marketing content



What do we offer?



Data analysis, market insights acquisition and prediction of demand and future trends through predictive analytics models
Communication channels and touch points optimization
Omnichannel strategies and adapting customer experience to each channel
Resource efficiency and price optimisation strategies
Implementation of models sales intelligence
Operational dashboards



Prediction and identification of technical failures in operating systems through advanced and adapted analysis models
Comprehensive and customised business intelligence and reporting strategies (customised dashboards) 
Managing and optimising operations and performance through intelligent, automated and predictive technologies
Logistics integration and system interoperability solutions 
Improving the functioning of communication channels and all touch points of the shopping experience in the digital/physical ecosystem 
Implementation of sales planning models 
Stock management


In-depth knowledge of the customer portfolio, their behaviour, needs and consumption habits through advanced data analysis and customer analytics based on insights 
Knowledge and optimisation of the shopping experience and customer experience 
Omniexperience strategies
Implementation of predictive analytical models on consumer behaviour, life cycle and consumption habits 
Automated customer segmentation strategies
Definition of buyer personas, target customers, strategic customers and diversification and concentration of the customer portfolio
Development of integrated customer-centric and customer intelligence strategies  

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